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Walgreenlistens is an online survey portal that offers you lucrative gifts in return for participating in online surveys. Ain’t that cool? Yes, it is. Walgreenlistens offers you up to 3000$ rewards upon completing surveys. One can access Walgreens listens through any device. Hence it makes it one of the most accessible websites on the internet. 

Walgreenlistens helps its parent company to get customer opinion on its services provided through its physical outlets around the United States. Walgreenlistens makes its parent company a customer-driven one. Through its surveys, walgreenslistens ensures customer’s voice is heard by the management. 

In order to get incentivized one should answer all the questions honestly and never hesitate to leave negative comments if you have experienced bad services. To be short, one should be pretty honest while accessing walgreenslistens.


About Walgreens

Walgreens is an American pharma company established in 1901. Walgreens has its headquarters in Chicago, United States. In addition to pharma products, Walgreens also sells health products and also provides medical transcriptionist services. Walgreens has around 8000+ live stores in and around different states of America. The company with outlets in all 50 states is known for its customer care and service. Walgreens modernize itself through the suggestions provided by its customers.

WalgreensListens Survey Rules & Regulations:

One should carefully follow the mentioned rules and regulations for getting rewarded. Walgreens has got its internal mechanisms to detect fraud. So, kindly avoid being involved in any frauds as the system may find and block you. 

  • Those who wish to participate in Walgreens surveys should have a purchase receipt from walgreenlistens. Walgreenlistens receipts should be not older than 72 hours. This step avoids maximum fraudsters as duplicating any payment receipts is a criminal offense. Hence only legit users will be able to do walgreenlistens surveys.
  • One should have basic knowledge either in English or Spanish as the surveys are available only in mentioned languages. One could also take the help of a language translator if you are unaware of the Spanish language. 
  • Duane Readers customers are not allowed to use walgreenslistens. If you are a Duane readers customer you should access www.drecares.com 
  • One should submit the survey within 9 days from the date of receipt. 
  • One could participate in the Walgreens survey through phone, email, post, or Online. 
  • Before participating in online surveys one should make sure of having a reliable internet connection. Connection failures may lead to disqualification. 

How do I participate in the WalgreensListens Survey?

Walgreenslistens Survey Entry Methods

  • Online (with purchase)
  • Telephone (without purchase)
  • Mail (without purchase)
  • E-Mail (without purchase)

How to Participate in Walgreenslistens Online?

If you are trying to participate in the Walgreenlistens survey through the internet, Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps. To begin with, one must have a Walgreens receipt for participating in the survey.

  • Log on to www.wagcares.com or www.walgreenslistens.com Once you are in, enter the receipt number, survey codes, and other details.
  • Select your desired language. The default language will be English. 
  • You can find the survey number and password in your receipt. 
  • The entire survey may take up to a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  • On successful completion of the survey, you will be rewarded accordingly. 
  • Be honest with your answers. Don’t hesitate to leave negative comments. 
  • After completing your survey press the submit button and wait for a successful completion message. 

After successful completion of the survey, you will be asked to wait for a few days to claim rewards. Winners will be announced online on wagcares.com. Wagcares will inform you about your survey status through mail or phone. 

How to Participate in Walgreens Survey Through Phone?

Walgreens customers

Call 1-800-763-0547 or 800-658-1584 and complete the automated customer satisfaction survey to receive one entry into the Walgreens survey sweepstakes.

Duane Reade customers

Call 1-888-424-1018 and complete the automated customer satisfaction survey to receive one entry into the Walgreens survey.

Walgreens Sweepstakes Drawing Date

Once every month Walgreens selects one grand prize winner through random selection from its eligible entries received in that particular month. The winner will be intimated through phone call or through email within 14 days. 

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